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About us


We love to see our clients / potential clients! Come on in and consult with the artist of your choice about your tattoo idea today!
We CAN NOT give out prices over the internet or phone!

Appointments and Policies

Appointments must be made in person and require a deposit.
We always accept Walk-ins.
Piercings do not require an appointment.
No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the shop, No drinking, No smoking / vaping.


We do most of the basic body / facial piercings for $30, which includes aftercare and jewelry. We do not pierce anything below the waist. 


Repos Gallery

Tattoo Gallery for Repo X

Erics Gallery

Tattoo Gallery for Eric

Calebs Gallery

Tattoo Gallery for Caleb (Tater Tot)

Tims Tattoo Gallery

Tattoo Gallery for Tim

Contact Us

New Vision Tattoo

107 WASHINGTON ST NE, not required, GAINESVILLE, GA 30501, us